Paul Lewicki

PhD, Co-Founder and Board Member

Dr. Lewicki is a cognitive scientist, an entrepreneur, and investor. He was a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Tulsa from 1984 through 2009, where he established the Nonconscious Information Processing Laboratory, using multiple research grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Lewicki was among the first to publish evidence that the advanced expertise acquired by humans from experience, involves multivariate and highly-interactive patterns in data, which are much more complex than what humans are able to consciously articulate or even communicate. This approach became popular and quickly adopted by the corporate world as so-called “predictive data mining” – making computers derive from Big Data more complex patterns than humans can understand and then use these patterns to make new predictions. Dr. Lewicki started StatSoft, a company that pioneered commercial applications of data mining. StatSoft rapidly became a large developer of data mining solutions for all industries with offices in 30 countries, and over 1 million accounts, where he was a CEO and the main shareholder. StatSoft was sold to Dell in 2014.
As a cognitive scientist, Dr. Lewicki continues to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that make computers smarter. As a businessman, Dr. Lewicki invests in (and helps develop) companies that strive to “make a difference” by using AI to promote the general welfare by accelerating technological progress, especially in the area of medicine, that has been traditionally slower in adopting artificial intelligence.