Multi-Chimeric Cell Platform

Cell Platform

Dystrogen is developing a new multi-chimeric cell platform for treating patients with immune deficiencies and genetic disorders.

Chimeric cells are made using proprietary cell engineering techniques developed by Dystrogen Therapeutics. A cell is taken from a healthy donor and fused with the malfunctioning cell from the patient. The cell type used depends on the patient’s disease. In the case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy normal myoblasts (muscle cells) from healthy donor are fused with dystrophin deficient myoblasts from DMD patient. This results in the creation of a novel type of cell,  a chimeric cell which is made up of the healthy donors’ cell machinery (producing dystrophin) combined with the patients’ immunological surface markers (decreasing immune response).

Chimeric cells have the advantage of leading the body’s immune system to recognize them as the patient's’ own cell, thus sparing a full-blown rejection response, improving cell engraftment, cell survival, and proliferation without the need for immunosuppression.

Candidates developed under our Chimeric Cell platform: